Contract Language

Union members should request a copy of the contract language from their union stewards BEFORE Tuesday’s meeting.

I am not an attorney and not proficient in labor contracts. I did read the GE contract two years ago when my husband was bumped by a steward who did not represent him. The labor agreement can be hard to read and confusing. You should have the opportunity to digest the information before Tuesday.

Several employees have questions because some issues are not addressed: code consolidation, right to strike, grievance procedures, sign-on bonus, raises, and other issues.

Read the synopsis at . It certainly sounds impressive. But personally? I’d rather read the contract.


Cyndie “CJ” Zahner has lived in the Erie community her entire life. She is a retired grant writer/administrator and now writes fiction novels. Her husband, brother-in-law, and nephew-in-law work at Wabtec. Her brother, Mike Filutze, is a GE retiree. Her father-in-law, Edwin Zahner, was a proud GE employee for thirty-seven years. Follow Cyndie on InstagramTwitterFacebookGoodreadsBookBubLinkedIn and purchase her books on Amazon. See her BookCircle Online interview here.



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