Beyond Reality Radio Interview

Have you had a premonition? Apparition? Seen a ghost? If you’re enamored by the unexplained, tune in to Beyond Reality Radio (BRR).

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed on BRR about the childhood attic experience, 9/11 premonition, and church apparition that led to my novels Dream Wide Awake and Project Dream.

Please listen to my interview on Youtube at CJ Zahner on Beyond Reality Radio. I’d love for you to hit the thumbs up button and like if you enjoy!

The host and interviewer, JV Johnson, was awesome. He made my debut radio interview a positive, comfortable experience. Since that interview, I’ve discovered several other past discussions on various subjects. You can search for past topics.

If you listened to the interview and have questions for me, or if you’ve had a premonition or apparition you’d like to share, please email me at I’d love to hear from you!


CJ Zahner is the author of The Suicide Gene, a psychological thriller, and Dream Wide Awake and Project Dream, two paranormal thrillers. These last two novels were inspired by Zahner’s own real-life experiences. See the video of her 9/11 premonition here. Listen to her Beyond Reality Radio interview about her premonitions/apparitions here. Purchase her books on Amazon. Follow her on InstagramTwitterFacebookGoodreads, BookBub, or LinkedIn.

One thought on “Beyond Reality Radio Interview

  1. zman334

    First time on the radio? You sound like a seasoned vet! Very interesting subjects and can’t wait to read your books and to hear your next interview on “Beyond Reality Radio”! You are a very interesting person…..and the books sound exceptionally interesting. Are they reality? Fiction? A vision? Or all of the above? Please keep us posted for your next radio or TV interview.

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