The Paranormal

Throughout my life, I’ve had several paranormal experiences. Two months before the Twin Towers fell, I began having two visions, one of flying into a city and a second of being in a collapsing building. Before that vision, I believed I had an overactive imagination. After that vision, I began paying attention to the crazy dreams I had.

From time to time, I blog or interview about my experiences. Click below to read or listen to my interviews/experiences:

July 2001 Calendar


Read CJ Zahner’s 9/11 Premonition.


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Listen to CJ’s Book Circle Online Interview about her premonitions.




Read how CJ’s childhood experience inspired Chapter 3 in Dream Wide Awake. 



What I saw in the chapel. jpg


Read how CJ’s vision in a chapel inspired Chapter 1 of  Project Dream.


BRRpictwitter1 Listen to CJ’s interview on Beyond Reality Radio about her premonitions and apparitions that led to her novels.