A Hundred Kisses

Name:                         A Hundred Kisses

Author:                      Jean Grant

Rating:                       8  

General Rating:

This debut novel by Jean Grant is an excellent medieval paranormal romance.

Skip factor:    

0% None.

Who should read:

Romance/medieval lovers.

Summary:                  This is the story of Deirdre MacCoinneach and her inability to keep a husband. Both her first and second husbands died on their wedding nights. But she loved neither.

At a time when overthrowing the Scottish throne weighs heavy in the hearts of everyone around her, Deirdra meets a man she has long dreamed of, Alsdair Montgomerie. Years before, Alsdair’s mother burned at the stake for witchery. As Deidra and Alsdair begin falling for each other, readers find Alsdair is caught up in the efforts to overthrow the throne, and Deirdra has some witch-like abilities, herself.

In this medieval twist, Alsdair and Deirdra set off for Uist together and become immersed in danger and turmoil.

Characters:        Grant superbly creates exciting, likeable medieval characters. I fell in love with Alsdair in the first few pages. Deirdra shortly thereafter. Grant develops good emotional depth in both main characters, as well as in other story personalities.  Her supporting characters are important to the story, appealing, unique and add to the storyline. To mention a little more about my favorites:

  • Alsdair was my favorite. Grant creates a believable medieval warrior in him. Even though he begins his relationship with Deirdra in a lie, Grant hints of his true convictions, loyalties, and sincerity through his thoughts and dialogue.
  • Deirdra is the feisty daughter of a laird. She has led a privileged life but for two dead husbands and a mother sent to an early grave. Deirdra is both beautiful and gutsy. I love a strong female character, so I loved the brave and alluring Deirdra.
  • Crystoll is a well-developed, minor character. Although he courts Deirdra’s sister, he is assigned to accompany Deirdra in her journey. He grew on me immensely and I hoped his characteristics held true. (No spoilers, so I’ll stop here.)
  • Annella: I won’t say much about this character as she appears later in the novel, but for some reason, I loved her. My regard for her developed mostly out of her dialogue with Deirdra.
  • Others: I enjoyed so many of the other minor characters Grant created and found myself routing for the kind and hoping the unjust received their due.

Storyline:            The start was interesting and hooked me immediately. This was my first medieval novel, so I knew very little of this time period. However, I found the storyline believable for the era. I became caught up in both the romance and the impending overthrow of the throne. I enjoyed Deidra’s sensing of a person’s “bloodline” which added the paranormal twist.

The conflicts in this novel were believable, the characters had set goals and strong chemistry, and the main suspense kept me flipping pages. At the risk of revealing too much, I’ll simply state I was routing for Alsdair and Deidra.

Writing style:     Loved this author’s style, especially her pacing. Grant’s balance between narrative and dialogue is superb. She is an author to watch. This is the first time I opted to read a medieval romance, and I did so strictly because I had read this author’s blog and liked her writing style. The book did not disappoint. There was depth to the storyline but an easy voice. I enjoyed.

Read this author again: Absolutely.

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Cyndie Zahner is the author of The Suicide Gene, a psychological thriller, and Dream Wide Awake, a paranormal novel that is totally fiction, but has been inspired by her own experiences. See the video of her own paranormal experience, a premonition of 9/11 here. Follow her on InstagramTwitterFacebookGoodreadsBookBubLinkedIn and purchase her books on Amazon.

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