Absolute Power by David Beldacci

Name:                 Absolute Power

Author:               David Baldacci

Rating:                9   

General Rating:

This is my first David Baldacci book and I was pleasantly surprised. Loved it. I wouldn’t call this a page turner but I enjoyed all and looked forward to reading.

Skip factor:    

0% None. I skipped nothing.

Who should read?

Crime, detective and mystery lovers.

Summary:           This is the story of Luther Whitney, a once professional thief who has been clean and out of prison for some time when one last opportunity to steal arises. What he sees on that last job is so shocking, you will read the entire book just to find out what happens. The premise is that good. Other characters are his estranged daughter and her ex, Attorney Jack Graham, who eventually takes Luther’s case, along with governmental officials and police detectives. Some aspects of the main characters:

Characters:        Baldacci builds his characters with his story. The emotional depth around them was average for some, but great for Luther. I loved Luther from the first page but had to grow to like Jack and Kate. I also grew to like some supporting characters (police officers/detectives) and absolutely abhor others as I’m sure Beldacci intended. Here’s how how I felt about them individually:

  • Luther, an ex-thief, intends on pulling off one more job before retiring. Luther captured my heart in the first chapter. He was my favorite character.
  • Jack, engaged to a rich girl but in love with Luther’s daughter, a morally righteous girl, juggles several conflicts. I routed for him throughout.
  • Kate, Luther’s daughter, I didn’t like at all in the beginning, but as the story unfolded I became forgiving of her and grew to like her.
  • Police Officers/government agents, some were good, some bad. Baldacci had me cheering for the good and hating the bad.

Storyline:            The start was fantastic. Hooked me immediately. The story was believable. The main conflict kept me returning to read. At the risk of revealing too much, I’ll refrain from talking to much about resolving conflicts other than to say some were resolved to my liking and some, not. Each of the main characters had purpose and goals.

Writing style:     Loved his style. Narrative and dialogue, well balanced. Good pacing. Easy voice. Baldacci’s dialogue was masterful.

Read this author again?: Absolutely.

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