For One More Day

Name:                              For One More Day

Author:                             Mitch Albom

Rating:                              10

General Rating:

This will go down as one of my favorites. I will read this again and again. Possibly purchase for all of my children.

Skip factor:

0%   I skipped nothing, read excerpts over and over.

Who should read:

Anyone and everyone. Especially every mother. I wish I had read this when my children were young. This story would have inspired me to be a stronger mom.

Summary:          This is the story of baseball player Charley “Chick” Benetto. Chick’s parents divorced at a time when divorce and divorcees were looked down upon. The story is about family, love, and sacrifice. When Chick hits rock bottom, his mother appears to him and he reminisces his life—from a different perspective. He sees his parents not as his mother and father, but as people with lives of their own.

Characters:        I liked Chick, but loved and admired his mother, Pauline “Posey” Benetto. So much so, that I find myself wishing I had been as strong and courageous as her while mothering my children.

Storyline:           The storyline is simple. A child grows up seeing his life strictly from his own point of view. When he has the opportunity to view his life from his mother’s point of view, everything changes.

My own mother often said, it was a long way down for those who knew fame and fortune. In a sense, this is the story of a man’s rise and fall and all of life’s accompanying emotions.

Writing style:    This is Mitch Albom. Need I say more? His words are simple and easily read. His meaning, deep and philosophical.

Read this author again?:             I will read anything this author will write.

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