Biting the Hand that Feeds You

Several GE/Wabtec community members are disheartened by recent comments of a Widget Financial Institution employee. If you represent an Erie area credit union with open membership and are sensitive to the needs of the middle class, please respond with your institution’s address and hours in the comments below.

Credit Unions

A credit union is governed by its members. That is why I am entirely confused on a DISQUS post by a Widget Financial Institute employee.

His opinion has hurt and angered many.

To credit union members

People who do not walk in your shoes do not understand. Don’t allow their comments to hurt you.

We have been accused of being bullies. Please, I know this is a very emotional time in your lives, but be respectful if you withdraw your money. If even one of you gets angry, it affects the reputation of the entire union membership.

Be bigger than those who insult you.

To Mr. Mason

I am sorry that you feel bullied. These are emotional times for Wabtec middle-class workers.

Regarding your words. You are certainly entitled to your opinion as I am. Unfortunately, you and I differ totally in our opinion on this Wabtec labor dispute.

You see union members, many whom you work for, as closed-minded, scared, bullied and brainwashed. I see them as individuals who are fighting corporate America to maintain decent living wages and conditions.

Would you like it if your members requested you work variable days from 2 pm until 11pm? Because honestly, most of your members take care of their financial obligations after working hours and over the weekend. Those might be better hours. However, your members have families and lives and they know you do too.

Wabtec workers worry the proposed flexible schedules will impact their personal lives.

Additionally, if your members were cold-hearted and did require you change your hours, what if at 11 pm each night, you had to stay until every last person in line was taken care of. All of the third shift workers who need assistance. In other words, what if your members imposed mandatory overtime on you?

Wabtec workers worry their lives will be impacted by mandatory overtime.

One last point. If the union ratifies a contract with, oh let’s say 25%, decrease in wages, are you willing to make those same concessions? Lower your salary by 25%?

You, Mr. Mason, owe your members an apology.


Cyndie “CJ” Zahner has lived in the Erie community her entire life. She is a retired grant writer/administrator, and now writes fiction novels. Her husband, brother-in-law, and nephew-in-law work at Wabtec. Her brother, Mike Filutze, is a GE retiree. Her father-in-law, Edwin Zahner, was a proud GE employee for thirty-seven years. Follow Cyndie on InstagramTwitterFacebookGoodreadsBookBubLinkedIn and purchase her books on Amazon. See her BookCircle Online interview here.