What does your Fridge say About you?

Refridgerators talk. What does mine say?

Mine says I love family, girlfriends, writing, and running. My hubby is a huge sports fanatic. My kids are, too. I’m a writer. My husband works at GE. We’ve both run marathons. We have three children who are also sports nuts. My oldest daughter worked for the Orioles at one time. And the Rams. We hike a lot with friends. Especially enjoy adventures out west where the Kokopelli roam. I love chocolate. And wine. Jeff’s hero is Ted Williams. We’ve had some health issues. May need anger management. I forget more these days. But I remember I want to go to Paris. And the height of our being, the apex of our existence, lies in our sweet, beautiful granddaughter, Layla Grace.

Post yours! See what you learn about yourself.

Or send me a pic and I’ll take a gander.

Some people did and here they are:

leann's refridgeratorLeAnne…This is a GOLD MINE! You’re totally a people person with all those pics. You have too much to do because your calendar is HUGE. You try to appear organized (envelope at the bottom) but you’re not (stuffed with papers). You are a kid at heart (seahorse), competititve (flags, triathlon sticker), you like Penn State and the Steelers, either visited or want to visit Paris (I didn’t want to cheat, I know you’ve been there.) And you shop on the internet alot (shoe, purse, book icons on envelope). Oh and you can be sneaky and tend to ignore things you don’t want to think about (bottom—what the heck are those items you hid there. A lock?)


heahter's refridgeratorHeather…this girl is no bullshit. She’s organized, definitely not materialistic (there is nothing there!). She is organized to a fault (who has two calendars on their fridge?) and she has contrasting qualities–she can be hard and business like (square, formal, typed calendar) and soft and kind (handwritten, personal calendar). Everyone wants this girl for friend.


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