Short Stories of Kids with Gifts: The Dream Diaries

(Above are: Sonnie, Annie, Rachel & Chase) 

Ever thought of someone, then they called?

Had a Deja Vu feeling as if you’ve been somewhere you couldn’t possibly have been?

Felt like someone was watching you?

If you have, you’re going to love my new novella, The Dream Diaries. These are the short stories of the extrordinary kids with intuitive gifts, who were recruited for a government Dream Program. This is their beginning. Before they went to the desert in Project Dream, before they worked for the government in Dream Wide Awake, they were simply children. Here’s a sneak peek of the characters:


Brent, Age 4:

“Are you familiar with this car, son?”

I’m four years old and suddenly aware I shouldn’t know cars and shifts and engines that rattle. 

“A Ford,” I say.

“What make?” 

I glimpse the car, bumper to bumper. Its red shine draws a memory from the back of my head—from a life before this.  

“A Falcon? 1964?”

The man stretches a hand toward my father. “Mr. Crandall, this is your lucky day. I’m going to make you the deal of a lifetime.”

Annie, Age 21:

OMG, I’m falling. My plane is in a nosedive. 

“Get out of there now!” My captain’s shouts sound tinny over the radio.

“And let this beauty slam into the ground? Over my dead body.”

This is the best plane I’ve ever flown, and I’ll die before I crash it to smithereens. So I use my gut, my instincts, and I listen to the silent whispers of the angels that always come when I am in trouble.

Dawn, Age 13:

“The death card.”

Momentarily, the woman sitting across from me stops breathing. Her eyes bulge. “Who’s going to die?”

The Dream Diaries is Book 3 of  my Dream Series. (Read Books 1, 2 & 3 in any order.) Order on Amazon

Let me know your favorite characters in a comment. Mine were Mikala, Izzy, Annie, Lenny and Billy.

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CJ Zahner is the author of The Suicide GeneDream Wide AwakeProject DreamFriends Who Move Couches and Don’t Mind Me, I Came with the House. Zahner’s Dream Series novels were inspired by true-life experiences. Listen to her interview about her 9/11 a premonition here. Download her Beyond Reality Radio podcast here or her Online Book Circle podcast here. Read more about Zahner in Voyage Raleigh. Purchase her books on Amazon  and follow her on InstagramTwitterFacebookGoodreadsBookBub, or LinkedIn.