All That Is Mine I Carry with Me by William Landay

Rating:           9.5

General Rating:  Clever. That’s my biggest comment on this age-old did-the-husband-kill-his-wife story.

Skip factor:  None. Not a word.  

Who should read:   Anyone who likes whodunits.

Favorite line: That’s what rich guys with small penises do. They buy Porsches.  (If this doesn’t decrease Porsch buying, nothing will. I’m surprised they aren’t suing. Probably no chance of reading this.)


This is the classic story of a wife, Jane, who vanishes and her successful attorney husband, Dan or sometimes Danny, who must have done it, right? Afterall, he shows up not long after the disappearance with a girlfriend.

Not so fast. Landay takes his readers on an unusual ride. Your’re motoring along in an ordinary he-dun-it boat when suddenly, the boat is talking to you, telling you where you are about to go and you’re confused. What’s Landay doing? He knows boats don’t talk. Is he such a good writer he thinks he can get away with it? Is the boat not in the water? What’s going on?

That’s as close I’ll get to a spoiler.

Take my humble advice. Hang in there to 55% where the murky water clears a bit. Sorry I don’t know the page number. I’m an ebook junkie. (Possibly page 180. When I went back, they magically appeared.)

I’m not saying anymore. Why? I want you to read it.


So good you’re unaware you’re reading. It’s taking a leisurely float that turns into a fast-moving ride. You’re hanging on so tightly you forget you’re on a boat. A fabulous, easy-to-read writing style. Great character development.

Read this author again?  Yep, Defending Jacob is one of my all-time favorites. I suggest you read this first, and save Defending Jacob for your book club. The latter lends to GREAT parental discussion.

You know what I particularly like about this author? He doesn’t take writing lightly. I’m tired of crime/thriller writers turning books out at the rip and toss of a calendar page and publishers publishing by author rather than whether the book is good or bad—all for a buck. Landay takes his writing seriously.

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