I LOVE to read. I’m a digital-book hoarder! My Kindle is never far from my reach and on the few occasions it is, you’ll see me gazing into my phone at my Kindle Ap.

My reviews are divided into three categories: Books I Couldn’t Put Down, Books I Almost Read, and Everything In Between. I relay a general rating (1-5); skip factor (yes, I skip);  summary; evaluation of characters, storyline, & writing style.

Finally, and possibly most important, I let you know who should read this book. 

Books I couldn’t Put Down:

5   One More Day  by Mitch Album

5  Big Little Lies by Liane MoriarityBig little lies pic

Books I almost Read: 

                             Middlesex                 Hillbilly Elegy             Moby Dick

Everything In Between:

4    Absolute Power by David Baldacci  

4    The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarity  The Hypnotist's Love Story Pic

4    A Hundred Kisses by Jean Grant  a-hundred-kisses-3.jpg

3.5 House Rules by Jodi Picoult  great-small-things-on-iphone.jpg

3   The Whip by Karen Kondazian   the-whip-by-karen-kondazian.jpeg