The Lindbergh Nanny by Mariah Fredericks

Rating:           9

General Rating:  I’m not a historical-fiction fan, but who isn’t interested in the Lindbergh kidnapping?

Skip factor:  Less than 1%.

Who should read:   Historical fiction lovers (of course), people interested in kidnap crime, the Lindberghs, or good writing.


This is the story of the 1932 Lindberg kidnapping as seen through the eyes of the child’s nanny.

A quiet Scottish immigrant, Betty Gow comes to work for the celebrated Charles Lindbergh and his wife, Anne Morrow Lindberg. Though Betty isn’t experienced working for the extremely wealthy and the author hints something in her Chicago past is not quite right, she immediately connects with the toddler, Charles.

With this book, you’ll walk alongside Betty and be introduced to the many people working at the Lindbergh home at the same time she is. Most of us know the child is going to be kidnapped so we suspect everyone.

But when the child is kidnapped and everyone, even Betty, is suspected, her world turns upside down.

I read this for a book club and they discussed how Charles, the father, was controlling yet constantly encouraged independence in his wife, child, and staff. They discussed the difference in investigations today as opposed to then, the history of the times, and the seemingly menial conversations the Lindbergh staff had outside the home that may have aided to the crime.

I cared little about that. I was enamored with Betty Gow and loved it for the different viewing angle this gave to a famous crime.

Imagine! Loving a child (sometimes it seemed more than the parents) and then being on a list of suspects for his kidnapping. You’re recanting everything you said and did, wondering remorsefully if you somehow contributed to the abduction!


You’ll find the writing superb, character development, wonderful. I loved Betty Gow from page two.

Nelson DeMille said it best (as the Amazon blurb reveals): “A masterful blending of fact and fiction.”

Read this author again?  Yes, I would.

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