The Last Flight by Julie Clark

Rating:           8.5

General Rating:  But for the ending, this would be a nine.

Skip factor:  1%. I skipped next to nothing.

Who should read:  Readers who like books that jump (POVs and time), and those who like to analyze a good mystery.

Summary:  Without spoiling this entire book,  the gist of the story is two troubled women, Claire Cook and Eva James, meet at an airport and switch flights. Claire is the wife of a powerful politician who has controlled and abused her, and Eva was orphaned by a drug-addicted mother but grew up brilliant—except for her taste in men. Eva tangled with the wrong guy in college and got herself kicked out of Berkeley. Afterward, because of her chemistry acumen, another man convinces her to assemble a drug lab then threatens to kill her when she wants out.

Now they attempt to escape their lives. The planes take off and one crashes. Afterward, twists and turns keep the reader wondering if this was serendipitous or if both women boarded their planes.

There are coincidences. My book club friends questioned the believability of little events but overall, every single one of us (over twenty) liked this book. And that doesn’t happen often!

Which narrows down to my complaint. The ending. Don’t not read this because of the ending. It’s a great book—at times can’t-put-down great. And the ending isn’t horrible. I simply felt it didn’t do the book justice.

Writing:  Yes, good. Fabulous character development. Kept moving the entire time.   

Read this author again?  Absolutely.

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