The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine

Rating:           9

General Rating:  Ever read a book you couldn’t put down and you don’t know why? This is it.

Skip factor:  1%. Here’s another oddity about this novel. I would not classify this as fabulous, but, very unlike me, I hardly skipped any sentences and no paragraphs. So, maybe it was fabulous?

Who should read:  Women who like to hate characters. Women who believe women should be on the same team and hate those who aren’t. And protective women who empathize, love, and yet are exasperated by sweet, clueless characters.

Summary:  Amber is the cunning new girl in town who decides she wants to be the next Mrs. Parrish. She befriends the sweet, innocent, gullible,  current Mrs. Parrish, Daphne. Jackson is Daphne’s loving, rich husband.

Prepare yourself for an I’m-going-to-steal-your-man-right-out-from-under-your-five-carrot-diamond story but don’t get too sure of yourself. Nothing is as it seems. (Is it ever in a book?)

The writing is great and the character development superb.  Constantine controlled my emotions from start to finish. She had me loving characters she wanted me to love, hating characters she wanted me to hate, then she twisted and turned the storyline, manipulating my emotions.

At times I was so mad at Amber and so upset by Daphne that I literally stayed up reading.

Writing:  Good overall writing. There were times when it was predictable, but overall it kept my undivided interest.

Read this author again?  It’s a yes from me.

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